A Q&A with T&C’s 2022 summer interns

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December 27, 2022

This summer, Thompson & Co. Public Relations brought on two interns, Charlotte Flynn and Owen Umatum. We’re so grateful for their help and excited to send them off with experience for the future! If you’ve ever wondered, “what does an intern do at a public relations agency,” or, “is an internship at T&C right for me,” keep reading to learn more about Charlotte’s and Owen’s experience this summer.

What have you been working on while at T&C?

Owen: During my time at T&C, I have been tasked with many different things, primarily drafting social media posts. This has included making TikToks and Instagram Reels, writing captions and finding relevant news to draft content for. I have also been able to coordinate event logistics, create graphics and draft newsletters.

Charlotte: My summer internship with T&C has been one of the most insightful and influential experiences I’ve had. I’ve learned things I never would have learned in the classroom. My time with T&C has primarily consisted of drafting social media content, writing newsletters, research, event planning, and so much more!

What is the work culture like at T&C?

Owen: While working at T&C, I have felt nothing but welcomed and respected. From the first day, everyone has been extremely nice and helpful to me as I learned. I was pushed to do my best and felt appreciated for the work I was doing. T&C is all about getting work done while having a fun, caring workspace.

Charlotte: If I had to describe it in three words: fun, inviting and inspiring. One of my biggest takeaways from the internship was how T&C values its employees and the family atmosphere they foster. They make time for connecting and pushing each other to do their best, like with Thirsty Thursdays where we spend the last hour of the workday every Thursday spending time with each other.

What did you think PR was when starting the internship vs now?

Owen: Before I started working with T&C, I thought public relations was just managing when bad things happened to companies. While crisis management is a part of it, I now understand that it’s so much more. From social media to event planning, the depth of public relations is insane. T&C showed me just how important public relations really is.

Charlotte: As I take a moment to reflect on the knowledge I’ve gained during my internship, there is truly so much I didn’t know about public relations. In all honesty, the bulk of what I knew about public relations came from a couple of lessons in my college courses. Public relations is so much more than events and media relations; it is a critical aspect to representing the identity of a brand which has many moving parts and pieces.

What’s one thing you wish you would have known before your first day?

Owen: I wish I would have known how fun and kind everyone in the office is! I was a little nervous to meet everyone I would be working with, but I shouldn’t have been. Everyone in the office has been nothing but kind and respectful to me and my ideas.


What are you most proud of accomplishing during your time at T&C?

Owen: I am most proud of how much I learned and gathered from this internship. This was my first office job, so I had a lot to learn, especially about public relations. This experience has helped me so much, and I am going to use all this knowledge with my future jobs!

Charlotte: I am most proud of accomplishing the I helped create. The social media series aims to amplify the voices and stories of Alaskans in the LGBQIA+ community. From setting up the interview, creating a Reel, and crafting the social media caption, it’s been a gift to learn how to coordinate a multimedia project — and it was a labor of love!

If you’re interested in a T&C internship, check out our openings or reach out!

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