Elevate your brand to new heights with drone videography

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June 17, 2024

Have you ever flown into Alaska on a clear, sunny day? The birds-eye view is incomparable. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), commonly referred to as drones, have entirely changed how we capture images from the sky. Once reliant on helicopters or planes, we now achieve aerial views through drone technology. Drone videography or photography services can take any project up a notch by adding a dynamic dimension.  

In rural Alaska especially, where many locations are inaccessible by foot or car, drone footage is a game changer. It helps us visually capture and put into perspective the remoteness of a small community against a vast landscape.

At Thompson & Co. Public Relations, we use the Mavic 3 Pro, which is one of the best drones in the industry. Its extensive capabilities include handling powerful winds, long flight times and distances, and utilizing multiple cameras for various focal lengths. Our telephoto lens allows us to photograph people and wildlife without disturbing them, while multiple cameras capture as much detail as possible.

We pride ourselves in being experts with extensive knowledge about operating drones. This includes navigating permissions to fly in restricted areas, working with local communities, and adapting to Alaska’s various weather conditions. Our team has traveled across Alaska on multiple occasions to capture footage.

Why should you choose drone photography and video?

  • Perspective: Drone video provides captivating aerial views that offer a fresh and dynamic perspective on landscapes, events, and subjects. By capturing footage from above, drones showcase scenes in ways that ground-based cameras cannot replicate. Aerial photography and videography add depth and scale to any project, giving viewers an immersive perspective. Along with these expansive aerial views, drones can fly closer to ground level to give intimate, one-of-a-kind shots that would be impossible with other aircraft.
  • Versatility: Drones can navigate various environments and terrains, from urban cityscapes to rugged wilderness areas. Their near-silent flying and telephoto lenses allow them to capture candid shots of people and wildlife unnoticed. This versatility enables us to film diverse subjects and settings, from sprawling landscapes to intimate close-ups, offering unparalleled flexibility in video production.
  • Fluid motion: Drones have stabilizing technology that allows for smooth and fluid motion during filming. This ensures the footage remains steady and visually appealing, even in Alaska's strong winds. Whether shooting at high altitudes or ground level, the seamless movement adds a cinematic quality to the video, enhancing its overall impact and professionalism.
  • Accessibility: In the past, capturing professional aerial footage was expensive and complicated, requiring special equipment and permits. Alaska presents additional challenges, such as limited road access. Drones eliminate these barriers, taking only minutes to deploy and ensuring you don't miss a moment. They provide a non-intrusive, flexible, and cost-effective alternative for capturing stunning visuals.
  • Creative freedom: Drone videography empowers our digital team to unleash their creativity and experiment with innovative shots and compositions. From sweeping panoramic views to dynamic flyovers and orbiting shots, drones offer endless possibilities for visual storytelling.

T&C offers some of the best drone services in Alaska, backed by expertise in operating drones safely and efficiently. Our experience in both urban and rural Alaska allows us to assess potential risks and take appropriate precautions, such as employing the right personnel, following emergency plans and avoiding dangerous flying conditions. When you choose T&C’s drone services, you can trust that we adhere to all regulations to ensure safety and prevent liability issues.

Our Part 107 certified operator complies with all FAA regulations, including remote identification, UAV registration, and airspace authorizations. T&C ensures clients' aerial activities are safe, legal, and responsible.

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