Employees shine at first-ever Ampersand Awards

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March 21, 2023

Our Tenets and Convictions, that’s our company values, differentiate us from every other agency, they drive our company culture, our client relations, and keep us at the top of our game.  

Our entire team recently traveled to Las Vegas for an all-agency retreat. We filled the weekend growing in our relationships with each other through food, fun and maybe just a little gambling. This time together outside the office allowed us all to form deeper connections and celebrate the many successes we’ve had over the last few years.

During this retreat weekend, we kicked off a recognition of employees from T&C and our sister company Blueprint Alaska that have gone above and beyond to demonstrate a commitment to these values and are in many ways a role model. Introducing the Ampersand Awards. 

Each year, four tenets will be selected to celebrate. This year’s awards include loyalty is everything, choose positivity and kindness, embrace transparency and trust, and be a sleeve roller upper.

Loyalty is everything: Caitlin Weaver

To earn this award, an individual must possess the qualities that fall under this value including:

  • We get excited about opportunities to help others.
  • We are available when our clients or team members need us.
  • We speak kindly about, and respectfully toward, community members.
  • We consider first what is best for our clients, before what is best for T&C.
  • We consider first what is best for T&C and the whole team, before what is best for ourselves.

Caitlin Weaver possesses all these qualities and more. No one is more dedicated to being available (even from a different time zone) or is more willing and excited to jump into a new project or help out a team member. Congratulations, Caitlin!

Choose positivity and kindness: Emily McLaughlin

  • To earn this award, an individual must possess the qualities that fall under this value including:
  • We approach things in an optimistic manner, choosing to see the best.
  • We don’t criticize or condemn team members and clients.
  • We intentionally give genuine appreciation.
  • We pursue and nurture positive relationships and release poisonous clients or team members.

Emily McLaughlin perfectly exemplifies these qualities. A consistent bright spot in the office, Emily has a steadiness that many of her colleagues benefit from and learn from. We can always count on Emily to bring perspective and optimism into any situation. Congratulations, Emily!

Embrace transparency, honesty and trust: Ashleigh Carson

To earn this award, an individual must possess the qualities that fall under this value including:

  • We invite early collaboration with team members and clients. 
  • We share feedback honestly, directly and in a constructive manner.
  • We seek opportunities to share our values, strengths, and positive attitudes.
  • We admit our mistakes — and come to the table with solutions. 
  • Loose lips sink ships (all the damn time).

Ashleigh Carson carries the transparency flag for the agency. As someone who lives for rules and process, Ashleigh instills a culture of transparency and constructive feedback across the entire agency, bringing the rest of us right along with her. Congratulations, Ashleigh!

Be a sleeve roller-upper: Becca Pilipchuk

To earn this award, an individual must possess the qualities that fall under this value including:

  • We leave our egos at the door and get the job done. 
  • No job is too big or too small for any team member. 

In 2022, Becca helped plan and coordinate more than 10 events and trips to rural Alaska, all of which took meticulous planning, attention to detail and a willingness to do whatever it takes. She raised her hand to help teams across the agency and was a great role model to all around her. Congratulations, Becca!

At this year’s awards ceremony there were two special recognitions given to members of the team who consistently demonstrate team spirit and spread joy around the office.

Finally, the award for MVP went to Grace Blouin. Grace’s attention to detail, thoughtfulness and dedication to making sure everyone feels included on a daily basis does not go unnoticed. Congratulations, Grace!

Please join us in congratulating these stellar employees next time you see them!

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