Generation Z in action: How our interns are shaping the PR landscape

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July 27, 2023

At Thompson & Co. Public Relations, our interns get hands-on experience, allowing them to dive into diverse projects across various client sectors, from travel and tourism to technology. We value their go-getter attitude and the unique perspectives they bring as part of Gen Z, particularly in digital strategies and social media. Internships serve as an excellent platform for professional and personal development, helping students and recent graduates explore their passions and figure out if what they think they want to do is actually what they want to do.

Our interns leave our agency with a sense of pride in their accomplishments, and we are equally proud of their growth and achievements. As an agency, we learn and evolve alongside our interns,recognizing them as the future generation of PR professionals set to shape the industry and workplace culture. Their innovative ideas remind us to stay open-minded and continuously seek ways to improve and grow. Their tech-savvy approach to social media and digital marketing underlines the importance of staying current with emerging trends and platforms, ensuring we remain competitive in the dynamic PR landscape.

Each of our interns has reflected on their professional development at T&C, acknowledging significant lessons learned and memorable experiences. Here’s what they have to say:


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while interning at T&C?

Taylor: This internship has helped me truly understand what PR and marketing are, as well as navigate when the tone of my writing should be professional versus lighthearted. More importantly though, I’ve learned that my ideas are good ideas and I should always share them, whether that comes to school, work, or my personal life.

Amelia: I’ve learned the true purpose of what PR does for clients and gained a deeper understanding of how important it is, and how important relationship-building is with clients.

Madison: I have definitely learned how to write a better email and overall my communication skills I feel have improved immensely in my time with T&C.

What is your favorite memory from this summer internship?

Taylor: My favorite memory so far this summer was when the agency ordered eight different Wild Scoops ice cream pints for all of us to share!

Amelia: My favorite memory this summer has been getting to know everyone at the agency on a personal level while enjoying each other's company.

Madison: My favorite memory is definitely any meeting with the digital team, they are so fun and inspiring and it’s been so fun to work so closely with a great group of gals and Jared.


What tips do you have for future T&C interns (or any intern):

Taylor: The tip I have for future interns is to not be afraid to ask questions. You are not expected to know what certain things are and how tasks should be done!

Amelia: A tip I have for future interns is express gratitude to those who are mentoring you and guiding you through this experience. Take time to acknowledge that they are teaching you everything and giving you learning opportunities.

Madison: Remember that the pressure is a blessing. T&C puts so much trust in the interns and it’s best to embrace it considering your time here is so short.

We are immensely grateful for the contributions of our interns, and their time with us continues to inspire us as we look forward to a bright and promising future, both for our agency and the dynamic PR industry.


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