T&C Tenets & Convictions

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January 6, 2023

Our values

Loyalty is Everything

We get excited about opportunities to help others

We are available when our clients or team members need us

We speak kindly about, and respectfully towards, community members

We consider first what is best for our clients, before what is best for T&C

We consider first what is best for T&C and the whole team, before what is best for ourselves

Choose Positivity And Kindness

We approach things in an optimistic manner, choosing to see the best

We don’t criticize or condemn team members and clients

We intentionally give genuine appreciation

We pursue and nurture positive relationships, and release poisonous clients or team members

Embrace Transparency, Honesty and Trust

We invite early collaboration with team members and clients

We share feedback honestly, directly and in a constructive manner

We seek opportunities to share our values, strengths, and positive attitudes

We admit our mistakes – and come to the table with solutions

Loose lips sink ships (all the damn time)

Be a Sleeve Roller Upper

We leave our egos at the door and get the job done

No job is too big or small for any team member

Results Matter

We consistently think about the end game when making decisions

We agree that it’s not just the effort, but the result that counts

Integrity Matters

Integrity is always at the forefront of decision-making

Family First

We strive for a work/life integration

We embrace a culture of having it all

Family is defined individually and not limited to traditional definitions

Focus on Personal and Professional Development

We take advantage of opportunities to learn from others

We are consistently on the cutting edge of technology and PR practices

We’re willing to regularly engage in things that make us uncomfortable

We innovate

Be Grateful And Give Back

We’re thankful for our clients and team members

We give back to the community which has given us so much


We celebrate individuality

We champion diversity

We welcome all

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